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Hey Everyone! I have incredible news....

The NEW ALBUM is about to drop!!

Many of you are probably aware I've been piecing together my opus "Legacy" for the last 14 months. It is now officially in press! I am excited to pre-sell special copies to anyone interested in the full experience!

I've had a precious year. It's been filled with terror and delight and inspiration. It has been a journey of death and new life. My father's passing. Divorce. Separation from my brilliant kids. Long stints in Texas. The trials of beginning a vibrant career in a new place in an industry evolving quicker than I can keep up with. "Legacy" holds all of that tension, closes it's eyes and let's loose with an orchestra of earth sounds, breath and harmony. It's a blend of old world and modern textures. It is my father and my children. It is a celebration of love and metaphor. It is a wedding and a requiem. It represents everything I set out to accomplish in Austin. It was created with the help of Grammy Award winning producer Randy Caballero and some of the very hottest musicians in America (ie: Bob Dylan/Eric Johnson's bass player). It is hundreds of sleepless nights. It is misty mornings. It is the sunrise burning on my shoulder. It is my every intention.

"I found a rainbow in the crystal in the teardrop in the shell that fell down the well of the throat of her flower..." Burning Flower (track 2)

To order your personally signed album, with a download key, a hand drawn lyric sheet and some other personal stuff that I will send you IN THE MAIL (old school!!!), please email $22 to:

or through PayPal (also set up through

or send a personal cheque or money order to:

Ari Neufeld
c/o 2702 Willow Street
Austin, TX

immediately with a return mailing address. And hurry. This opportunity ends on May 1, 2014, and this pressing is one of a kind.

Thank you for your love and support!


Ari Neufeld is a consummate creative light house.
If it can be made with the human body, he’s probably figuring out how to make it. Music. Art. Rhythm. Melody. Rhyme. Visual innovation and diversity. An ever growing commitment to understanding the principles in the nature of creativity, Ari has been working at perfecting his crafts both in and out of the public spotlight nearly his entire life. This site is dedicated to exploring both the visual and audio aspects of his creativity.

Released in sync with the international release THE LEGO MOVIE, Ari's new music video Treasure In You is up and running on YouTube (see below!)! It was recorded with Randy Caberello and Paul Soroski at Soroski Studios in Austin Texas, and shot entirely on Ari's iPhone with Vine, Lego, iMovie and Instagram apps.

For a free download, please visit Ari's distributor:

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Starship has NEVER sounded this good!
    @brentyler making big sounds at Bottega #livemusic #recording Starship has NEVER sounded this good!
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    @brentyler #photoception #sunset
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