Top 5 Excuses for Not Starting a Business


Top 5 Excuses for Not Starting a Business

It is the dream of a lot of people to own a successful business at some point in life. But most people are yet to start their own business due to several reasons. They are afraid of taking risks because of the fear that they will fail. Creating a successful business is not straightforward since it requires time and effort.

There are people who fear that running their own business may keep them away from living their ideal lifestyle. Starting your own business isn’t so much demanding because it only requires time and effort. Everyone at some point fails. You can never succeed without first trying.

Here are the Common Reasons why People Fail to Start Their own Business.

#1. Lack of Adequate Funds

The success of a business is not determined by the amount of money available. Most businesses don’t collapse because they run out of money. It’s not about the money you have that matters but how you manage the available resources.

The fact is that most businesses start with little capital. You don’t have to wait for venture capital or inheritance from your parents, instead, you can use proven techniques to better your chances and get started sooner than later.

#2. Lack of Adequate Time

Lack of enough time to do something is an indication that it isn’t a priority for you. We all have 12 hours in a day, the only difference is how we spend them.

You can only succeed in your business if you prioritize it. For instance, it may be hard to quit your job so that you can run your business. Here what you need to do is to free up some time to work on your business. That could be a good settlement between income and time for running your own business.

#3. Feeling that your Business Plan isn’t Ideal

Some people fear to start their own businesses because they feel their business plan is not ideal. What people fail to understand is that a business plan can no longer be perfect. Planning is very essential but it should not derail your plans to get into the business.

#4. Wrong Timing

There is no specific time that is ideal for starting a business. You just need to decide when to get into business because it’s just a deliberate action rather than a coincidence. It is common to experience disruptions and moments of wrong timing. It’s only when you get into the business you can learn mechanisms on how to cope with such situations.

#5. Extreme Competition

Most people are worried about competition from existing and startup businesses. The fact is that even established businesses are concerned about the competition from startups. New businesses are at an added advantage due to unpredictable and hyper-innovative economy. Despite the competition, both parties can succeed if the market is broad.

Businesses may tend to do well when there is an economic downturn because there is a likelihood of less competition. This may make it ideal to start a business when the economy is in crisis.


The discussed above are some of the reasons why most people fear to start their own businesses and probably the most common ones.

The point of this article was not to disturb you, but to show you what qualities people have that tend to make them a failure. Don’t be that guy or girl. Do something and do it while you still can.

  • Joshua

    This is soo true, I personally do dropshipping and what I noticed is a lot of people who don;t spend enough money or time usually always end up failing. You’re competing with people who have BOTH money and time so… if you don’t even spend time or money your gonna fail…

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