Ari Neufeld is a self-made one man band, hailing most recently from the Okanagan. He plays guitar, piano, banjo (but usually guitar), while singing and keeping time through an amplified stompbox, with ethnic beads, nuts and bells strapped to his body. His performance covers a variety of genres from folk to pop, to new country, to rhythmic soul, to rock.

Over three decades of global travel and extremely colorful living and work experience, Ari has redefined himself through a sensitive eagerness to explore the world around him and turn his musings into audience participation. This imperative supersedes the stage, where there is an even deeper eagerness to explore creativity in general: Ari has worked as a line and graphic artist, painter, sculptor, plasterer, bartender, writer, pyrographer, photographer, and cook.

Often Ari's performances are hall-marked by an opportunity to look deep into the knot of an old tree, and discover some tranquil revelation way down in its hollow. From there, it's a laughter-filled experience of rhythm, movement, soaring melody. Not hampered by any singular emotion, his push to explore new ideas while performing ranks with the airs of Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Hawksley Workman, Scotty Dunbar, Martin Sexton, Bruce Cockburn.


"One of the most artistically developed artists I've ever met. I was riveted for 2.5 hours as Ari played" - Jim Cressman, President of Cressman-Sakomoto Agency

"Ballsy. And very Nick Drake" - Hugo Rampen, President, Salmon Arm Roots and Blues

"Ari Neufeld's music is a compass that I constantly check as I'm writing my own tunes" Sara Ciantar, Musician, Teacher, and damn fine accordion player

"Ari Neufeld is onto a very good thing with his styled traveller's folk (see Xavier Rudd, John Butler). Evocative, creative arranging and sensitive singing. Best of all, he takes chances with his writing. B" Stuart Derdeyn, The Vancouver Province

"Listened to that duct tape'd album quite a bit after I dumped it into the laptop!" Damien Rice, Irish Superstar

"Love what you're doing!! I know a good sound when I hear one!" Bill Kennedy, Producer

"I feel like the spirit of folk music will be safe in the next generation when I hear your writing. Wear this box out for all who's stomping days are over!" David Wilcox, One of the Greatest Writers of Our Time

"Fantastic songwriter... Ari wore a hole in the goddamn stage with his feet!!" Wil, KILLER acoustic slayer

"Have to admit I was a little obsessed with Old Man Songs by Ari Neufeld" Tegan, Tegan & Sara, Hottest chick in Canadian Alt Pop

"Ari Neufeld sings, strums, and stomps his way into your mind and heart, stirring questions and kindling joy." Matthew DeZoette, Ontarian Songwriter and History Buff

"ari, you are one of the rare people that can bring it live every time." James Lamb, The Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Jackson Browne and Paul Simon of our Time......

"Excruciatingly Beautiful Melodic Poetry
It's just a matter for time for this guy" Nikole Texidor, NikTex, French Canadian Jazz Carpenter

"you are a gem, and your music has gotten me through some tough shit." Josh Hyslop, Canadian Superstar

"ari neufeld is a concoction. he is an artist and performer who embodies the vulnerability of the generous spirit. whether sharing his music with an audience or his time and professional experience with an individual, he does so with patience, kindness and humility. ari's recorded works hang like a masterpiece behind a cordon, clear and beautiful, but begging to be prodded and inspected. his live performances take the listener inside the song, inside the man and, most valuably, inside ones self" Dominique Frassard, Artist

Ari's Wacky Stage Plot

My Gear:
- Martin & Co Acoustic Guitar
- 5 stringed Bango
- Ukelele
- Telecaster Electric Guitar
- KSM9 Vocal Mic (phantom power required)
- Sm58 secondary vocal mic with Vocalizer Effect
- Sm57 percussion mic for knee percussion
- Tube Preamp and Super Octave for instruments
- Beta Sm91a Half-Cardio Condenser mic for stompbox

Hi res photo

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